Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Busy Bag Filler #1

Preschoolers & Pipe cleaners

What a splendid combination.  Last week during my meeting I gave each of the boys 3 pipe cleaners for their busy bag.  I thought it would be a brilliant way to occupy their little minds.  This mama knows how many hours her preschoolers used to spend bending pipe cleaners into interesting shapes way back when she used to teach.

Unfortunately, the pipe cleaners made Monkey cry.

He was very upset that there were only 3 in the bag, "I need all them" he told me.  He knew there was a bag with 25 inside sitting on the shelf at home and 3 just wasn't enough to satisfy his urge to bed fuzzy wires.  He got ahold of the bag while we were at home a couple of days later and sat on the chair with them for about half an hour.  Then Mr. Crum got involved in the building (I wish I'd gotten a picture of that).

Pipe cleaners are a very simple and cheap addition to the busy bag. A bag of 25 multi-colored wires is $.97 at Hobby Lobby (unless you catch a sale).  They allow you to stretch your imagination, they are fun and fuzzy!  A great add to our busy bag rotation.

What's your cheap go-to game to help preschoolers stay quiet when necessary?

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  1. What a great idea! So simple...yet I never thought of it! :) I have been looking into busy bag ideas for my son, to help keep him entertained when we go out. So far, the best thing that I have bought (not a busy bag,but it keeps him busy) is the On the Farm Mini Play Scene Sticker Set from Mudpuppy. It can keep him entertained for about 15-20 min. :) I can't wait to see what other busy bag ideas you share! I'm going to have to go buy pipe cleaners :)