Thursday, February 23, 2012

Please help us win...

Okay, I don't do this kind of contest very often, because honestly I'm terrible at rallying support via "likes".  But I can't resist trying to win this adorable cowboy hat and boots set for baby.  
If you would PLEASE take the time to click on the post and "like" my comment (Jennifer Billey Crum) it would really make my day.  - You might have to like their FB page first.  I promise to share pictures of little man in this sweet set if we win it!


  1. I liked! Oh and one good thing about FB changes is you no longer have to like a page to be able to write or like posts on their pages! :-) LOL

  2. Checked today and it shows you have the most likes! YAY! :)

  3. hooray! Now I'm just waiting to hear from them so it can be sent!