Sunday, February 12, 2012

Champions For Kids


One thing that most people know about me is that I love kids.  I love their energy, their curiosity, their potential, their snotty noses.  Because I love children, I want to see good things happen for them.  I want to be linked up with organizations that do good things to help our world better for my children and their friends, my grandchildren and great grandchildren.  

  Champions for Kids is one such organization.  Here is their mission:
Champions for Kids works to mobilize MILLIONS of people by providing training and resources to improve the lives of children in communities across America and beyond. Our goal is to mobilize 20 Million people by 2020. 
That is huge!  This organization has a huge mission and YOU can be involved.  Here's the thing - it doesn't take an enormous sacrifice on your part to improve the life of a child.  You don't have to be talented or rich.  All it really takes is a little time to do a simple service project!

Need ideas?
Donate a bag of popcorn to a Boys & Girls club.
Crochet a scarf for a child in a shelter.
Read to children in the hospital.
Toss a baseball with the kid next door.
Volunteer as a crossing guard at your local elementary.

Do you attend my church? Talk with me, I'll give you a list of ways you can be a champion for kids in Fort Wayne. 

It does not have to be difficult or costly to make a difference in the people around you.

The boys and I are getting ready to put together a winter care kit as part of Energizer's Light Up Your Life campaign.  They are sponsoring Champions for Kids and encouraging individuals and groups to build safety kits and share them with children in need.  Our kit will go to a local crisis pregnancy center.

We chose this organization for a couple of reasons.
1) When I was pregnant with Baby, we went there to get "pregnancy confirmation" for insurance purposes.  We learned about their amazing program and they offered to help us through any thing we might need assistance with.
2) This program specifically targets teenage mothers.  They aim to teach them to be good parents.  With our weird, unpredictable winter weather, it is important to be prepared for injuries and power outages.  These young mothers are learning what it means to be the responsible adult in a family and can use every advantage they can get.  By helping a teenage mother prepare for winter emergencies, we are helping 2 or more children - the mother and her baby (and possibly other children).  

Become a fan of Champions For Kids on Facebook on Twitter to learn more and participate!

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How do you prepare for a winter emergency?


  1. What a wonderful way to give! I can only imagine that being a pregnant teen is a very turbulent time and having a safety kit would bring much comfort!

  2. I think it's wonderful that you chose a pregnancy crisis center! They certainly can use all the help that they can get!

  3. I agree that the pregnancy crisis center will be able to get your kit to a worthy recipient! That situation would be scary enough and I'm certain this is one of the last things a young mother would think of! I can't wait to see what you put in your kit!

  4. It's so important to be prepared for weather emergencies. Such a great cause this month for Champions for Kids!

  5. I love all the SIMPLE ideas you've shared, of ways to reach out in your community. Such little efforts can create a chain of sharing and connectivity! Looking forward to your next post! :)

  6. Such a great idea to choose teen mothers. I tend to overlook that group even though I was once a teen mom myself!