Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And it's only 8:30

What a morning!

Mr. Crum had the opportunity to leave early and spend some time with his friends for breakfast.  I am so glad that he was able to do that and enjoy the time out.  I was especially excited because it meant that I would not feel like I had to get up with him first thing and get things around for the day - a chance to sleep in!

Generally we wake up at 6:20 and leave home at 7:30.  Monkey wakes up around 6:30, Crackers gets woken up at about 7:15.  Not today.  This morning Monkey was in my room asking for breakfast AT 6:00 - I know because that is when the alarm starts going off - he made it in seconds before it started buzzing.  Crackers?  Well, he was up long before 7 also.  It's hot though and I was tired - I got Monkey to lay down with me for half an hour or so, until he decided to go upstairs to his room and shred some paper that he had found yesterday.  The joys of being 3!

I got up and around - I'm on iron pills, that's not fun - I clogged the toilet while my children were crying at me about wanting "eat time".  I got C changed and fed them both - ready to turn this morning into a great one.

Did I mention it's already 82 degrees in my living room at 7am?  I've been having a lot of difficulty with the heat and humidity - it makes it hard to breathe.  I served breakfast and started gagging on drainage from my sinuses.. then.. puke.. lovely!

I ate a popcicle and somehow felt much better.  Hopped onto the computer to see if there are any exciting emails in my blog inbox (nothing new today).  Happened to spot a friend online who lives in China.  While talking with Carrie, I realized that mr. Monkey - the 3 year old - is VERY quiet.  Why is that, I wonder... then I remember noting a bottle of bubbles at the top of the stairs - I'm pretty sure I know where he is.

Guess what - I was right.
Now the Incredible Hulk is sitting at the top of the stairs, coated in green bubble solution - so is the carpet, and the gate... Did you know that green bubble solution turns bath water green?
As I prepare to give Monkey a bath and a good scrubbing, I hear screaming.  Not to be left out - Crackers has gone into my bedroom and decided to play with the change jar. That's a glass gallon jar about half filled with loose change.  He's managed to hurt his fingers and needs a lot of attention.

And now, it's 8:43 - I'm playing "Something More" the newest CD from Heartland Church.  I'm drinking a Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper - and taking a deep breath - getting ready to start over.

Bring on the day!


  1. Totally sound like my day. Hope it goes up from here!

  2. It's got to! Well, other than it's supposed to get hotter and I babysit today, so stuck at home... a few more weeks and it will be cooling off AND I won't be babysitting, back to just 1 job!

  3. How are you going to get those green bubbles out of the carpet?!?

  4. I don't know yet - we'll get there later

  5. O...M...G...
    I quickly read through the first part of this post in my email and then... The GREEN Picture! Had to come right over to finish reading!

    I sure hope your day has gotten better, or at least calmer. I hate when the first few hours of my day starts out... exciting.

  6. LOL - I was laughing about it already when I posted it... the day did get better.. we even got to have dinner with some friends in their AIR CONDITIONED house!