Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keeping cool

It's hot out, has anyone else noticed?  Last night we pulled out the baby pool and put some water in it so it would be warm-ish this morning.  I thought the boys would spend most of the morning in it, keeping cool.  I was so wrong.  Monkey spent about 20 minutes in the pool and was done, "it too cold"... Crackers spent a little longer - mostly standing next to the pool and pouring cups of cold water down his chest.  Our friend the Roamer, didn't go in at all!

The plan for the rest of the day?  I don't know yet.  We'll have lunch around 10:45, then naps.. after naps - staying cool, somehow - maybe I'll keep them in their shorts and give them a popcicle.  I hate sitting them in front of the television.

Any ideas?  What are you doing today to keep cool at home?  What are your toddler & preschooler's favorite summertime activities?


  1. Playdoh is a fave at my house this week!

  2. C still has a hard time keeping it out of his mouth, M played with it during C's therapy this morning, but really needs some help still - we may try that again later.

  3. whip cream and food coloring... i haven't done it, but my friend did... and it seems like something you would enjoy :)

  4. We got an early start on Christmas gifts this week. Over a few days' time, we made play dough, made handprints in the dough and baked/dried it in the oven, and then made paint which we will use to paint the ornaments tomorrow. I'll shellac them over the weekend (or sometime between now and the holidays!) and then we'll add some magnets to the back. Perfect gifts for grandmas & grandpas! Also, the perfect multi-step project that doesn't have to be done all at once in case of tantrums, nap times, dinner, and other unforeseen interruptions!

  5. Melissa, I recently saw a picture of someone else doing that with their son, looked like a blast, we might try it.

    Alicia - thanks for that great idea. I do love the multi-step project, and you're so right - it would be a great grandparent gift!