Saturday, July 23, 2011

Renew, Restore, Refresh

It's that time again.  I feel like I have this constant struggle with my commitment to health and I'm just not sure how to rectify it.  It's really been a struggle recently, and being pregnant hasn't been helpful for that.  In fact, a lot of days I just want to snack all day long.

Did I mention it's HOT?  Not just outside either, we have AC in our bedroom and the boy's bedroom - the rest of the house currently ranges from 82-90 degrees depending on the time of day.  YUCK!  The heat makes me not want to do ANYTHING at all.

Anyway, I'm writing about "Renew, Restore, Refresh"...

The basics: I'm working on changing the way we live - not just me, the whole family.  This includes our commitment to physical health, relationships outside the house, order within the house, the way we use our money, and consistency of scheduling.

I intend to blog about this very regularly over the next several months as we make some positive family changes.  I would love to have people share their ideas, stories, and encouragement with me.  I'd also really love it if people who know me - I mean for real know me - would check in... heck, even offer help if you've got some to offer!

This week I'll be focusing more specifically on what things I am going to be working on "renew, refresh, and restore" with.

Thanks to all for your support as I work on bettering my family.


  1. I look forward to reading your upcoming posts. Hubby and I are starting all over - we were on the brink of ending our entire relationship! Along with this, we're finding that everything else (family, friends, budgeting, health...) needs an overhaul, too, if we're going to do it right.