Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Today's goals

Publicly stating my around the house goals for today, let's see if that helps me feel like I've accomplished things by the end of the day.

1) Play outside with the boys (before it gets too hot).
2) Finish 3 loads of laundry.
3) Have no dirty dishes by 3:30
4) Pull together resources for 4th & 5th grade Sunday School
5) Complete, Print, Sort, and email August lessons to appropriate people

bonus: spend some time with a really cool 2nd grader this evening
bonus 2: dinner & a movie in the air conditioning at a friend's house

ultimate bonus: go to sleep feeling as though I have gotten something done today!


  1. sounds like quite the day :) dishes done here and 2 loads of laundry :) feeling pretty good!

  2. Way to go Melissa! I haven't managed to meet all my goals yet, but still working on it.. the heat definitely slows me down!

  3. I got about halfway finished. Tough to get the church stuff done while watching the 3rd guy - for some reason having someone else's kid takes a lot more work than my own - maybe because I know they've got a pretty firm grasp on "the rules".