Friday, February 1, 2013

Around the house

Preschoolers are inherently funny.  I want to share a moment a few things that we have heard around the house this week:

* "This tastes like throw up.... I kind of like it."
* "The stairs are net letting me go up"
* "My bed is not letting me stay on it".

* "Is your mama dead?  Then buy a new mama now."
* "I'm going to pee in this cup!"..... "Can I drink it?" (EWWW)
* "When the robot did eat my mom, then God gave me a new one." (Good to know I'm replaceable).  
* "I've got a longer story about when I was a kid that will take us much more time to talk about it."
*"When I was a kid, I used to have Veggie Tales at my house." (you're 3, buddy)
* "Your belly is big because you have a baby in it."  (um... nope - just big.)

J: Did you spit on the cake? (after blowing out candles on a birthday cake).
C Promptly spits on cake.

J: Do you want a hamster?
M: No, you can't cook a hamster.


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