Thursday, February 7, 2013

Our New Pet-venture

Okay, it's true.  I have a weak spot... for animals... and for my boys... and for well, okay I don't want to fill you in on ALL of my weak spots, you might call me with an offer I can't pass up!

Last week I got a text message from my mother in law asking if we would like 2 hamsters.  You might not know this, but I had hamsters as a child, I was fascinated of them - and terribly afraid that they would bite me.  I like them, but didn't REALLY want to touch them.  Yep, I'm kind of funny like that.

So, I said "Sure".  And that was the end of it.  Last night, our new pets: Peanut and Rhino came to our house.  Now, Peanut and Rhino are the names these boys came with.  We could not leave them like that.  Our boys quickly found much more um.. suitable names.  Manasseh wanted to name them "Nasa and Cash" after him and his brother.  Cassius wanted to name one "Chicken".

So here I will introduce to you Nasa and Chicken.  Nasa is slightly larger than Chicken.  The curious (hungry) cat?  That's Farlow.


  1. We also have two new hamsters, that Santa (on an impulse!) brought my two daughters. I too had them as a kid, and they always bit me, so I became weary of them. So when asked to hold them, I was rather reluctant! I sat on the floor, and was watching them first, to allow myself time to get a little more comfortable, before actually holding one. Well, before I knew it, the dwarf hamster, decided to run up my pant leg! Talk about having a heart attack! I shook that little guys outta there in a second flat! Of course, my hubby and girls were rolling with laughter. I did not share those sentiments, at least not at that moment. I can laugh about it now, but you can bet your sweet bippy, I won't be near those critters anytime soon! LOL! :)

    1. OH NO! How frightening, and funny afterward! I hope your girls enjoy their critters!