Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Creating Calm: Get Moving

Truth: Creating Calm in my house means helping my children learn how to relax.  
Myth: Calm means there is no time for getting "wound up".

In order to best find times of relaxation, we have to help our children learn the appropriate times to be crazy, noisy, and off the walls.  The trampoline has been in our home for a few weeks now and is a favorite way to work out excess energy.  When the boys get impatient for meals, or need a break from routine, the trampoline is one of our first choices.  It is so fun to watch them as they "trample" up and down.  They really enjoy releasing pent up energy!  They don't even know that they will be more able to relax later if they have used their muscles well.

Another friend of ours is the Vtech Giraffe Bike.  Cassius especially enjoys "riding" it when I ride the stationary bike.  He loves it that he can exercise with me.  Bonus: it has educational games on it.  He is learning to pedal a bike while he practices counting!  When we all get moving early in the day, nap and bed time are much easier.  Resting is more natural after we have really used our bodies!

How do you get your children moving early in the day to help them when it is time for necessary rest?

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