Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My first sports injury #mamavation


I have my first "sports" injury in a very long time and I don't even know how it happened.  On Saturday when we did our Chilly Chili Run, my calves hurt a bit after only a very short time, but I didn't think anything of it.

Last night, as I was putting some things into my van, I leaned over the front seat and felt a *pop, pop* in my left calf followed by immense pain.  I drove home and my dear husband helped me get inside.  I cannot put any pressure on my leg without excruciating pain.   I've had it wrapped and elevated all night and iced off and on.  I've taken pain reliever, but it doesn't seem to help.  

Any great suggestions?  It's hard being laid up with little boys around.  My hero of a husband has been amazing, running to the store, finding all the things I need, and even taking time off of work to get the boys to their appointment.

What do you do to recover from your injuries?


  1. How’s your leg now, Jen? I’ve had quite a few running injuries in the past; and every time, I immediately perform the RICE. Are you familiar with it? It’s the Rise, Ice, Compression and Elevation, which is basically what you’ve done. The only difference is you acted upon a little late. If you’re still feeling pain or even a tinge of sensation in your calf muscle, better have it checked by an orthopedic surgeon to prevent any more complications. Okay? You’ll be fine, I know. :]

    1. Thanks so much for checking in. We did RICE as soon as I got home the night I hurt my leg. It's doing much better now, when I go out in the cold it is achy a bit. I haven't pushed it much with exercise - this week will need to be my first week to really start using it again - unless it starts to hurt a lot.

  2. How's your leg doing now? I hope it's completely okay. Even so, you should continue with your workout to restore it's normal range of motion. A chiropractic adjustment would also be helpful.

  3. Hmm… Do you do some stretching before you go running? What you felt is usually what happens after you go running without prepping your muscles. Yours, most likely, got twisted and caused the infuriating pain. So, how are you now?

    Anita Rose