Monday, February 11, 2013

Chilly Chili Run #mamavation

I did it!  
Well, kind of...

I have been working on the Couch to 5K training program, and honestly I've been stuck on week 1.  It is hard for me to really get much beyond that while I'm stuck trying to do it inside.  Also, I just feel old, overweight, and out of breath so much of the time.  Still, I am pushing myself at home and at the gym to at least get okay with the first week of this program (it's been at least a month of week 1).

This weekend, Mr. Crum and I put on our running shoes and sweats and headed to a neighboring city for their first ever "Chilly Chili Run".  It was not officially a 5k, it was closer to 3.5 miles - good enough, right?  I loved it that we did this together.  He was kind enough to stick with me on the icy/muddy trails for the entire thing.  We loved our adventure through the state park together!

We started out at a jog.  That lasted a minute or two - the real actual ground hurts my legs a WHOLE LOT more than the treadmill or the trampoline.  I'll keep working on that.  We walked at a brisk pace for the rest of the "run".  Then we enjoyed a bowl of chili and a corn muffin together before heading to pick up our boys.

My thoughts about it?  I had a great time.  I wish I had the stamina to actually RUN in this event.  Maybe it was the cold weather (after all, it is February in northern Indiana); maybe it was my need for more conditioning.  I don't feel bad about the fact that we did not run.  I will continue to work on it.  I am already making plans for a women's run this fall with my sister and mother.  (We maybe haven't told my mom that she's planning to run a 5k with us yet).

We are getting fitter and continue to work toward health goals.

What new things have you tried this week to point you in the direction of better health?  What tips do you have for new runners?  I never thought I would WANT to run - that's another story though.


  1. Awesome job getting out there and doing it! The C25K program is really excellent, and it'll definitely help you to be able to run an entire 5k. Good luck! :)

  2. Good job. So proud of you. Good luck this week

  3. Good job!! I started the couch to 5K back in September. I NEVER ran before that, but now I can't stop!! It was so hard for me because I would be so tired after a few minutes, and I wanted so much to give up, but I didn't. I kept at it, and you should too. You don't need to run fast, take your time. And, don't give up. I never thought I'd love running, but I've done 4 5Ks since then, and hoping to do my first half marathon this summer. Good luck!

  4. Jackie,
    That's fantastic! Thank you for the encouragement. I hurt my calf last night and am hoping to resume training just as soon as it's healed!

  5. Wait - northern Indiana? A sista near me?! We shall meet up and do a 5k this year sometime! I started Couch 2 5k in the end of December, and I kept along with it up to about week 5, then I started pushing myself to go longer distances. I'm up to 1.5 miles jogging (though not very fast, I'll work on speed next) and I think it's easier for me to alternate days - one day I watch the time, the next I watch the distance. It keeps me moving farther! Good luck with your running!

    1. I just looked at your profile, we're piratically neighbors!

  6. Joanna, I'm far behind you right now, but I would love to plan to do a 5k sometime (after summer).

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