Monday, June 13, 2011

31 Days to Clean: Day 6

I have NOT completed Day 7 yet - I took a break for my day of rest, and did some other cleaning today while waiting for our "special visitor".  Poppy came to town to help us build a "cage" for the boy's stairs.  The top of the staircase to their room was a shelf with an open top - Monkey is, well, a monkey and worried me because he had already started experimenting with climbing over.

BUT I'm writing about Day 6 -

For Day 6 I needed to make a list and clean out my cabinets.  The list is a fantastic tool for organizing my day.  I am starting it tonight as I look toward tomorrow's necessary tasks.

The 6 things that need to get done tomorrow:
1) Laundry - washing/drying clothes and boy's bedding
2) Laundry - sorting/organizing everyone's clothes (Mr. Crum will have to do his own)
3) Menu for the week & grocery list
4) Make dinner
5) Call Monkey's doctor about ENT referral
6) Call about insurance paperwork


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