Sunday, June 26, 2011


My 2 year old will be 3 in just 2 weeks.  He's figuring the world out more every day.  Today I am convinced that he's getting ready to be a middle school aged boy.... Here's why:

At lunch today as we sat around the table, he picked up 2 slices of cucumber and held them up to his chest.  "I got green nipples!"  He exclaimed loudly... oi.. what will we do when he IS in middle school and discovering them all over again!


  1. LOL - my 2.5 y.o. son is in the process of potty training, making him very interested in how EVERYONE else around him uses the bathroom. He's been overly concerned about my lack of a "winkie" and has tried to get me to go to the store to buy one. Daddy finally had a talk with him that enlightened him to some major differences between men and women. Now that he's got this extra knowledge, he's decided to share it ... with anyone who will listen. His favorite line is, "Womens have boobies, men have BIG winkies!" This is usually used when he sees a woman who is very well-endowed - that way he can point, too!

  2. Aren't they fun? Monkey still likes to go through his list of who has a "Pee-dih" and who doesn't