Thursday, June 23, 2011

Healthcare Headaches

Mr. Crum got a new job about a month ago. We are still super excited about this. It means that he works Monday – Friday 8-3:30 and has every weekend off, and every evening home. The best part – it's about 3 miles away! He can ride his bike, or even walk to work if he desires. We had been praying for a job that fit this description and it almost fell into his lap.

The downside of this job is that it pays less, the gas makes up for part of the difference, but only part. We've figured out how to cut things out so that we can get by. We've also found some extra income (as I said in another post, I'm working very part time).

The other problem – health insurance. See, when you change jobs, you often have to wait 90 days before you get insurance. That wouldn't be a big deal, BUT – I'm diabetic... and 5 months pregnant. So as we have evaluated our options, we've found, well – little. We're in the waiting period for medicaid – that will cover me until my 6 week appointment after the baby is born. Then – we don't know. His work offers insurance for about $1400 a month if you cover your family. I'm not actually sure we make that much – so that is not an option. We'll find something.

The headache: While waiting for medicaid to kick in, we're covered under a new program called “presumptive eligibility”. This means that I am covered until medicaid chooses to approve or deny my application. BUT I have a limited choice in doctors. I can't continue to see the doctor that I've been seeing, who also delivered Crackers. So I chose another doctor at random, and have seen her once. I don't like her, at all – for so many reasons.

I made a decision – I would ask for a referral back to my old doctor (a specialist). Unfortunately, I have discovered that I cannot see him until we are approved for medicaid, and only then if the new doctor has a good reason to send me there. -sigh- Time for waiting, praying, and putting up with my poor choice of a doctor.

Why am I writing this? Okay, here's what it comes down to: I am wondering what people, like our family, will do if at some point the government really does make it illegal to live without health insurance. As we evaluate our options, they don't look good. We cannot afford to get insurance through Mr. Crum's work – because his work offers insurance, we are not eligible to apply for state insurance. We can probably get “cheap” insurance with something like a $10,000 per year deductible – but I'm diabetic – we can't afford to pay for tons of doctors visits up front. What are people in this type of situation to do in a world that forces health insurance, but refuses to make it affordable? I'm not saying I don't want to be insured, I do... but how?   


  1. i'm assuming you've looked into healthy indiana plan... HIP... google it. if you haven't already :)

  2. You have to be without insurance for 6 months before they'll cover you, AND if your work offers insurance, you don't qualify - even if you can't afford what your work offers.

  3. Have you looked into getting your own insurance policy? Erik & I had to get health insurance separate from work. I don't think they're going to "Mandate" insurance - I'm sure it will be overturned for being unconstitutional. However, you may want to call around to a couple of insurance companies and get quotes for an individual (family) insurance policy.

  4. We've spent some time researching that option online. It looks like we can "afford" a policy with about a $10,000 deductible.. but as a diabetic...

  5. Jen, I don't know if you are insulin dependent or not- if so, there are sometimes programs you can find that supply this for free based on income. There's one here in anderson, for example.

    Regarding the forced health insurance issue (if it ever comes to be a reality, which it may not)- my understanding is that the forced health insurance is supposed to be subsidized by the government for those whose income does not allow them to obtain it otherwise. Regardless, I'm learning first hand in my household that sometimes you have to choose a job for the benefits, regardless of the hours or pay or convenience or what you studied in school or whatever. I hope this doesn't end up being the case for you guys! I live with a heart patient with emphysema who is now a cancer survivor. So...I wouldn't be surprised if I'm still working in this same call center job for the next 17 years when the other half of my household becomes eligible for medicare. But there are worse things. Hang in there!

  6. Thanks Melanie, I'll have to pick your brain about the diabetes programs. I'm not on insulin right now other than when I'm pregnant... but I also haven't seen a doctor about medicines (other than when I am pregnant) since Manasseh was born... 3 years ago