Friday, June 10, 2011

Hormonal Confession

Okay, so you all know that pregnant people tend to have crazy hormones... crazy hormones sometimes lead to ridiculous fears....

Here's my confession of the day... I have been feeling kind of crampy, just exactly like I feel when I first get pregnant... but see, I'm 18 weeks today... I pretty well know I'm pregnant.  Anyhow, I was driving down the road and I thought... "sometimes people get pregnant even though they're already carrying a baby... oh no... what if that happened to me and that's why I'm feeling like this.. I could have babies 4 months apart.. YIKES"

To make things worse:  I called my sister to tell her about my crazy fear.  She comforted me by telling me that she knew a couple people who were not twins but carried at the same time... thanks E!


  1. Actually, my boss is a "twin" who isn't really a twin. They were conceived several months apart.

    But that is SUPER rare. I always have weird cramping when I'm preggo.

    No worries :)

  2. or it could just be a twin that just decided to tell you they are there... did you ever tell us if it was a boy or a girl?

  3. The baby wouldn't show us when the doctor tried to check.. hopefully we'll have another appointment soon... gotta figure out insurance stuff and find a new doctor.

  4. I'm glad I was there to comfort you. You know me, always the positive one. ;-)