Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Tonight my big man is watching Monster's Inc. for the first time... at this point he has no fears of monsters or dark or any such thing.. I hope this doesn't spawn any!


  1. it won't. well.... i can't assure you of that... but, when maz got scared of monsters (randomly... well, not so randomly... after his cousins were talking about them) we just told him if he saw a monster that he just needed to say, "in the name of Jesus... GET." and, it worked... he had to do it and sometimes we had to remind him, but he is a child of the KING... yeeha!

  2. Poor Randy. I have some experience helping toddlers distinguish fantasy from reality, but I am not well versed on coaching adults. I don't really know what to tell you!

    Monsters Inc is in our bedroom closet, btw. It scared Hannah so badly when she watched it the first (couple) times that she didn't sleep. We haven't watched it in a LOOONG time.

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  4. Hah, Monkey didn't have any trouble sleeping, in fact he was easier last night than normal.. maybe he was afraid to get out of bed (=... nah