Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DOGGONE: Dog Gone!

We had a great fun Father's day, celebrating Mr. Crum on Sunday. He got toast in bed from his new toaster (yes, you read that right, my husband got a toaster for Father's day). Then a homemade breakfast, including coffee in his new “dad” mug. We had church, which is always a celebration, and he got another mug. A picnic lunch with friends at the park, dinner out, more time with friends... and then it was bed time.

We came home late and put the boys to bed. As I rocked Monkey, Mr. Crum headed outside to bring the dog in. He came back and shook his head, “she's not there.” I was confused – he explained that the dog, Skoshi, had broken her collar and run off sometime in the evening. It's been 2 days, no sign of Skoshi.

Monkey is sad. He keeps telling us, “Skoshi break necklace. That not nice, Skoshi run away. I not too happy 'bout that.” We took a walk and looked for her last night, Monkey told us, “Skoshi not here. Can't find Skoshi.” He gets it – she's gone. Blessing? Curse?

I don't know – we were talking about trying to help her find a new home because we've got some pretty big house repairs that need to have priority over spending money on her – now we don't have to – but we also don't know if she's someplace safe. I have mixed feelings, I liked the dog, mostly, and wanted good for her.


  1. I'm so sorry. My kitty cat disappeared about three weeks ago. I got him as a kitten while I was pregnant with my little guy and those mommy hormones kicked in! It's been hard dealing with MY loss, let alone trying to calm my 13 y.o. son down (who keeps coming up with possible violent end scenarios and voicing them to me), and trying to explain to my 2.5 y.o. that "kee" probably isn't coming home.

  2. I'm so sorry! Even if you were trying to find the pup a new home it's still hard to have her go missing

  3. Yeah, still missing her some, Monkey's still sad when he thinks of her... and now whenever he can't find someone they "ran away".