Sunday, June 26, 2011


Working on some lifestyle changes (again, still.. whatever)... to help with better control of my diabetes.  I'd love to hear tips/suggestions about:
*Diet/Menus - we eat little meat and NO fish
*Exercise - please remember I've got 2 todders and I'm 5 months pregnant
*Diabetes related products
*Anything else related to lifestyle change for better blood sugar control

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Thanks in advance!


  1. you may want to look into the diet we follow for K, from what I understand the carbs in grains have to do with insulin levels. No grain, no insulin spikes. We are grain free, dairy free, legume free (and nightshade free, but that's optional for most); we get to eat lots of (grass fed/pastured/all natural) meat, fresh veggies & fruits, nuts & seeds. Working very well over here, but to be fair we don't have experience with diabetes. Hope that helps! Anne (greenchild)

  2. Quinoa is a good protein source and isn't super-expensive. It's a good rice or pasta alternative. You may want to look at the Abs Diet. I'm hypoglycemic (which oddly enough has the same diet as diabetes). As far as exercise goes - I'll let you know when I figure out how to workout regularly with a 4 1/2 month old. I would say wake up WAY earlier than everyone else, but there are so many other things busy moms do in that time.