Thursday, January 5, 2012

Free Educational Activity: Pet Store

Over Christmas break we spent a lot of time with family.
My nephew, Bugsy, requested a trip to the pet store with my kids.
How can you resist that?  Especially when he's asking to do something fun, educational, and FREE!

Yep, I think a trip to the pet store is educational.
Why?  My boys learn about things like gerbils, and rats.  They also have the chance to see groomers taking care of dogs.  They love the great variety of fish and have plenty of questions about all of the animals.  Here are a few photos from our most recent family trip.

Yes, we took 4 dinosaurs and a mermaid into the pet store.  They sure did get a lot of attention.

Crackers and Stinky loved watching the cats run around behind glass while their cages were cleaned.

Little Lou and Bugsy took some time to check out the rodents (yuck).

Mr. Crum took time to help identify fish with Monkey, Bugsy, and Little Lou.  (He loves the fish - probably more than the kids).

Crackers needed to get just a little closer to the fish .  He's creative and found a way to do it.

I think we spent about 40 minutes in the pet store.  The kids would have loved to explore more, but Stinky was.. well.. stinky.


  1. When we lived in L.A., this was a weekly thing for me to do with my oldest. We both loved learning the names of all of the different animals. And, being in Los Angeles, our pet stores had some pretty unique pets for sale (all of those Hollywood bigwigs has to be unique, you know?)

    We don't have pet stores here, but we do spend a LOT of time at the aquarium section in Meijer!

  2. Oh, we have to look at the fish at Meijer and Walmart every time we go. I don't mind, we just make sure to build in time to do it