Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Sleep Tight Package

Yes, a necklace for the sleep tight package!

Baltic amber is known to help with soothing pains - everything from teething pains to knee pains caused by M.S.  We love using them in our home to help with teething pains - all 3 of our boys have them.  Baby is wearing a sweet "multicolored" olive shaped teething necklace.  Yes, it helps with sleep too - when babies get fussy from teething pains, you better believe it's hard for them to sleep.  A teething necklace can help soothe teething pains, thus allowing babies to sleep more soundly.

Older children can also wear them for fashion or for other aches and pains.  Monkey wears one because his brothers have them and he thinks they are neat. has generously offered to add winner's choice of a baby amber necklace to this fantastic package.

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For an early entry, head over to and leave a comment telling me what you would choose.

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  1. Sweet butterscotch - honey amber teething necklace
    Stephanie Crosbie

  2. I would chose the cherry and lemon amber teething necklace for sweet Aurora. I like the contrast of the colors. ?Do they taste like cherry and lemon, or is that just the name b/c of the color?

  3. Lovely multicolored amber teething necklace

  4. I'd choose the Sweet multicolored amber teething necklace.

  5. I'd choose the Sweet multicolored amber teething necklace.

    ziggy28028 at yahoo dot com

  6. Hi Jen, I would choose the Baby cherry olive amber teething necklace for Lydia :^)

  7. I like the Baby Cherry Olive Amber one too! Its got such a rich deep color!

  8. OHH Honey Amber Baby Teething for sure!