Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm pretty sure my sister hates me

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That's her, my sister, Elizabeth of My This N That Life.  I'm pretty sure she has it out for me.

Sure, she looks innocent, even loving in this photo with Stinky.  But she's secretly vicious. 

Here's my story.

A few months ago our old vacuum mysteriously lost its filter.  By lost I mean it is NOT in our house, anywhere, I've cleaned, I know.
It's hard to use a vaccuum without a filter.  My guess is that Elizabeth snuck into my house and stole it while I was away.  She's like that you know.  She would drive an hour and a quarter just to make my house messier.

The only place we use our vacuum is in the boy's bedroom.  The entire upstairs is their bedroom.  That might sound like a big area, but really it isn't so huge - it's about 1/3 the size of our entire downstairs - it's a converted attic space, and the only place in the house where I haven't pulled the carpet up yet.

Being used by a toddler and a preschooler, their floor gets pretty dirty - play dough, paper, stickers, urine, dirt, and whatever else they happen to drag around up there.  I needed a vacuum something fierce.

Good news: both Target and Walmart had stick vacs for sale on Black Friday for $9!  Incredible.  I was positive I wanted to get one.  

My sneaky sister generously offered to let me have their old vacuum that had just been sitting in a closet.  I'm sure she bought it just for this occasion, as she has been plotting it for quite some time now.  She convinced me that it was a good idea to save the $9 and use the old vac.  

I fell for it.
Euro Pro Ultra Shark 700 Watt Turbo Hand Vacuum
It's not a stick vac, but it can turn into one kind of.  It'll work just fine in their room.  I justified my decision.

Here's where I get to the part where she hates me... the way the vacuum is set up, there is so little suction by the time you get to the end of the "Stick" it won't even pick up play dough crumbles.  This means that her bigger, older sister is on her hands and knees with the little hand vac part of this in order to clean the floor. 

Okay, so it really doesn't take too long, but it's annoying.  I really do appreciate that she let me use this vacuum.  She probably doesn't hate me, but my knees aren't too fond of me after I use this.  I think I'll have to save up some cash and look for a stick vac - or something more powerful - soon!

Has anyone helped you save money and later you had to replace their fix?

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  1. LOL! That's how *I* vacuum! Hands and knees, with the little tube on the vacuum that is supposed to be one of those nifty little things just for getting into corners and such. Rather than getting the new vacuum that I saved for months for last summer, just when it was on sale for 75% off, hubby was given a friend's old one (the friend, BTW, had just bought the onethat was on sale!) It worked great for two weeks - long enough for the sale to pass me by. Then the spinny part stopped spinning. I tried and tried to fix it - I'm pretty good at that kind of thing. The suction was fine, so it still did a pretty good job of cleaning up and our carpets are very short, so we really didn't *need* that brush part to spin. Then hubby got his hands on it and tried to fix it. He can't do these things. He screwed it up so badly that it will never work again. And I'm stuck using the hoe attachment to vacuum everything!

    Well, at least I know I'm getting every little crumb up - my face is 6" from the floor the entire time I sweep!