Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sponsor Spotlight: i like book


The first prize for our At Home Date Night Package is:
i like book - for couples

My sister told me about the i like book a while back.  She badly wanted to get one to use with her daughter, Little Lou.  After she got one to use with Little Lou, she ended up buying 3 more - one for each of her sons, and one to use with her husband.  She recommended I do the same.

Why is this in a prize package for an At Home Date Night?  Here's why.  This is a fantastic Valentines gift and activity.  It is a great tool for helping you appreciate your spouse.  Why not start working on that as soon as possible?

Here's my testimonial about the book:
I love my husband, but sometimes I don't like him.  I get irritated about little things that he does - or doesn't do.  It's easy for me to let those irritations rule my thoughts about my husband.  Letting that happen is not a good way to build a positive, loving relationship.  I dove into the i like book as soon as it was in my hands.  I wrote my first "i like" statement before he even got to see the book.  I try to write a new statement every morning first thing.  I end up spending hours thinking about my husband each day and trying to figure out which thing I will write down about him tomorrow morning.  I don't end up wondering if I can find just one good thing about him, I have to narrow it down - and yes, I am banking those things in my memory so that when I have a bad day and feeling cross - I'll still have something good to say.

You know what else this book does for me?  It makes me feel loved.  When Lover write a note to me, I feel special.  I know that he has been thinking about me and has identified something in me that he likes.

Talk about a way to draw a couple together!  This is fantastic.  It's also SUPER easy.  I just have to think of one thing a day to write about my husband.  

Want one?  i like book has offered to give away 1 copy of the i like book for couples in our At Home Date Night Package.  The All For Love Event starts on February 1, but you can get some early entries RIGHT NOW.

Just take a look at their website and leave a blog comment telling me something you like about it.

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  1. Awesome review! Thanks for sharing your real life experience!!!!

    Meredith Looney | Owner

  2. I really like that it is planned out in calendar-form. It makes it easier to keep up and not procrastinate.

  3. I like that it is a place that I can right positive about my husband and that it is organized so it will be easy to complete.
    Blue racer

  4. Hubby and I used to write to each other all the time...I like how this would force us to focus a little more on us as a couple everyday instead of always letting us as parents take over completely :)
    Steph Crosbie

  5. "I like" that it has a place for pictures as well. I not only like to write what "I like" about my family, but love taking pics as well. This way I can show them what "I like" as well. :)

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  7. Hmm, I guess I'll repost my comment since I'm 'logged in' now. I'm new to the blogging idea :)

    "I like" that it has a place for pictures as well. I not only like to write what "I like" about my family, but love taking pics as well. This way I can show them what "I like" as well.

  8. I like that you have to find something positive even when mad!
    Tvpg at aol dot com

  9. I have the i like book for kids! I love it. I think these are an interesting way to show your loved ones how you feel :)

  10. I also have the 'i like book' for kids and my son loves to draw in it. Would love to win the couples addition.

  11. I like how you actually have to think about it. It really makes you acknowledge the good in your spouse. I think its great!