Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Almost 36

... weeks pregnant.
Fighting to get all my scripts filled because my ONLY insurance company is convinced that I have a "primary" insurance company that isn't them.  Oi.. need to get that straightened out.

Tomorrow I go visit with the birth planner lady.  I'm not sure what all I need to tell her, but I have a ton of questions about NICU.  Maybe since he's stayed in longer than the doctor initially seemed to think she wanted, he'll be able to avoid NICU - either way, I've got questions and I want to be prepared for it if it happens, at least as prepared as I can be.

I've also got another ultrasound tomorrow to check on baby's swelling and my "extra" fluids.  On Monday it looked like I didn't have as much swelling in my own body, but tonight I feel/look very swollen.  My blood sugars have been a little more unstable this week because of the insurance issue (couldn't refill my insulin) - but we've got samples now so they should stabilize pretty quickly.

I'm anxious right now.  I want this baby out - I feel pregnant... you know - sore back, swollen legs, congested, etc.  But also I want to see him and know that he's doing well.  At the same time, I don't want him out - I know the longer he's cooked the healthier he should be.  AND.. okay, this is silly - this is baby #3 but the thought of giving birth terrifies me... do you KNOW how they get out???

I could opt for a C-section, the doctor would be happy with me if I chose that - but it's not what I want.

Friday he'll be officially 36 weeks.  Praying that whenever he arrives he's healthy and we can both leave the hospital quickly.


  1. LOL - With my little guy, the thought of how they get out terrified me around the time I hit my third trimester. It's one of those things where you just don't have a choice anymore :D

    Glad to hear that you've managed to get some insulin. It had to have been scary to think of what not having it could be doing to you and your little one.

  2. I totally know what you mean. I've had 5 and near the end of EVERY one I have been nervous, terrified, anxious, the whole nine yards. You'd think there was a point at which you become a pro, but for me every time feels like it's my first time!!
    Praying all goes well and your last days/weeks of pregnancy are wonderful! Praying for a healthy baby and mama!

  3. Thanks ladies for the encouragement. I'll update about today's appointment tomorrow after I've called back about a couple of things.