Thursday, October 20, 2011

Forced Rest

I am really looking forward to going home tonight.  Would you believe, I already have big plans for the weekend?  For real - we bring baby Crum home and already have plans.  The truth is, I like to be on the go.  I like to be around other people, I like to really experience life with my family.

Don't get me wrong, we have plenty of down time at home too.  We'll even get (a little) downtime over the weekend.  I'm good at moving - and if I'm not moving, well - I want to crash.  Maybe that's why I want to keep going.  I had a professor observe that about me once.  He commented about my high activity level.  My response?  Yeah, but I'm always tired.  Okay, so he pointed out then that I'm probably tired because I'm on the go so much of the time.

This week I have had some forced rest.  I've still busied myself with little things - making a mermaid tail, feeding a baby, reading, etc.  I've missed the big activities - play dates, grocery shopping (yep, that's a big activity in our house), visits with family, cleaning the house, etc.  

It has been kind of good to be "forced" to rest a little.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not entirely relaxed.. my mind is still racing 100 miles a minute with things I want to do, learn, write, review... 
My body has gotten a rest though.  Well, okay - my body is working on healing still.  It will take a while, and I've got to remind myself daily (hourly) that my body needs a rest.  Shoot, I was proud of myself at lunch today because I made it all the way to the cafeteria without having to stop and sit down somewhere.  (I didn't make it back quite the same).  I'm still healing, but I feel good - I've had some forced rest for several days, now the challenge is forcing myself to rest.

Tonight I will have my whole family - all 5 of us - together again.  I want to love on my big guys, pick them up, cuddle them, carry them to bed... I can do some of that, but I cant' carry them to bed, that will be a hard one for Monkey when it comes to nap time.  How will I deal with it tomorrow when Crackers falls asleep on the way home from Mom Time?  I am not supposed to carry a 28 lb child into the house, or anywhere.  

Forced rest - I've got to force myself to figure it out so my body can continue to heal and be stronger in the end.  Today, after I feed Tiny, I think I will nap for a while.. the last nap before the big boys come home.  It will be a good one.


  1. My oldest is like you - always on the go. I can't even begin to imagine. I stayed in the hospital until they kicked me out after having little guy because I knew that rest time would be over - I'd be back to making meals, cleaning up after everyone, etc. the second I walked in the door.

    And here you are, talking about remembering to rest after a C-section AND all of those long hours in the NICU?! I hope you took that nap and enjoy having your whole family together again tonight!

  2. lol, I so didn't get that nap.. Tiny wanted to be held all afternoon.. he's got mama figured out - I scream, I get held!