Saturday, October 1, 2011

Go Green Giveaway Event: Sponsor Spotlight - Dandelion, Earth Friendly Goods

It's coming soon!  The Go Green Giveaway Event!  Over 50 blogs are offering GREEN giveaways with a minimum value of $25 each!  You can do the math... there are a ton of chances to win amazing green products for your home and family!  Crum's This N That is partnering with Dandelion, Earth Friendly Goods to showcase a fantastic set for your baby (or someone else's baby that you love)!  Read on to learn more about Dandelion, Earth Friendly Goods and this great prize package!

Remember this?
This dish is made of corn.  It's one of the many fantastic earth friendly products made by Dandelion, Earth-Friendly Goods.  I reviewed their fantastic set of plates and bowls over the summer.  I highly recommend them for toddlers for so many reasons!  Want to know more?  Check out the review from July.

Baby Crum #3 is expected to arrive any time in the next 5 weeks.  That seems like a strange thing to say, but for health reasons he'll likely be sooner than later.  As baby enters the world, we're happy to partner with Dandelion once again and tell you all about their fantastic, organic layette set!

Dandelion, Earth Friendly Goods offers a onesie, bib and burp cloth set, blanket, and long sleeved onesie.  All of these products are made of chemical-free organic cotton and eco-friendly dyes!  They offer a selection of 10 colors (varied availability depending on product).  We chose to test a sage colored long sleeved onesie and blanket set for baby Azariah.  I think it is a perfect color for a fall baby and cannot wait to try it on him.

What I love about the organic layette set:
Sage colored Long Sleeved Onesie and Blanket $36.98 for the set!
1) It is organic, chemical and dye free.  I have no concerns about my baby's contact with strange chemicals when he is wearing this set.
2) It's so soft.  I love snuggling a warm baby in soft clothes.  Doesn't everyone want to love on that?
3) I love the selection of colors that Dandelion offers their consumers.  
4) When comparing prices of similar organic products, Dandelion, Earth Friendly Goods, is very competitive (some of the best prices I can find).
5) Dandelion offers great quality products that I know will last for multiple babies.  If we don't have another one, I can hand it down to someone else who is.

A Little More About Dandelion, Earth Friendly Goods

Dandelion offers you peace of mind: products safer for baby, and safer for the planet. But did you know that Dandelion (and Re-Think It, Inc) is creating a Greener work place, too? While going All-the-Way-Green may seem challenging today, we have to begin somewhere! Re-Think It, Inc hopes to inspire others to Re-view… to Re-think how we live and work, and take the steps to do better!
Reducing energy usage, providing staff Reusable drinking containers, and utilizing Recycled paper products, are just the beginning.

The Dandelion Prize Package:
Enter to win a layette set, including a long sleeved onesie and a receiving blanket, in your choice of colors right here!  The giveaway will open on Wednesday, October 5 and close on Tuesday, October 11!  

For another opportunity to win a great product from Dandelion, Earth Friendly Goods, check out Happenings of the Harper Household!

Happenings of the Harper Household


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