Friday, October 28, 2011

God's amazing healing

This afternoon someone shared a fantastic devotional on my Mom group on Facebook.  The author shares with her readers many truths about insecurities.  It's powerful stuff.

As I was reading through it I thought about the message.  I was considering what it means in my life and in the lives of some of my friends.  I took some time to think about the class Mr. Crum and I are taking at church: Restoring the Foundations.  This class is aimed at healing - physical healing, mental and emotional healing - all types of healing that people so desperately need.   

I need healing too.  We all do, we're broken people and have wounds that cut us so deeply that we let them change who we are.

As I connected the above article to myself, my friends, and my class, I was thinking about God's healing.  Here's the really cool thing about how God heals.  Have you read the gospel?  I can't think of a time that Jesus said something like, "You are healed, now here are the things you have to do.  Remember, if the clocks strikes midnight and you stop doing these things, you will be sick again."

It's like that for us too.  When God heals, it's done, over, taken care of.  Why is it that when I ask for healing of something emotional/mental/relational, etc... I keep going back to it?  I doubt that it's been healed.  I let myself live like I'm sick even when I am not? 

Wow.  That's where I am right now.  How do I remind myself that God is healing, he has healed, and my old issues are in the past, taken care of and I don't need to worry about those things anymore?


  1. I am going through a similar situation. I thought I was past an old issue, I had let go and forgiven the person several months ago. Lately, I've been thinking about it again and I don't know why I just can't forget it. I'm not mad or upset anymore, but I'm still thinking about it. Maybe I just miss an old friend. Who knows? I guess God knows why. :)

  2. <3 Thank you for sharing. I am so glad to have come across your blog!This article is something I will re-read and I hope will transform my life as it has already helped me in these last few moments in ways that you couldn't even imagine. I'm very sick and this has brought a light into my day. I feel as though I can conqure my illness and anything else because of the way I was made. :)
    You are amazing. Thank you for sharing God's word.
    God bless,

  3. Carmen, feel free to email me - - I'd love to pray for you and your healing.