Saturday, October 22, 2011

Family Day

If you know me, you may well know that I like adventure.  I don't get bored, instead - I make fun.  Today was a family day - we spent time with our boys and some friends.  I've decided to invite people we fellowship with to join us about once a month for a "big event".  In August we went to the fire station for a tour, in September we went to the apple orchard, tonight was the PUMPKIN PATCH!  (early December will likely be sledding/hot chocolate).

Oh, and did I mention - I like cheap (or better yet free) adventures.  This morning's adventure was free - Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic!  This was one of the rare times that Monkey did MOST of the project on his own (with some coaching).  Tonight was kind of an expensive one - I think we spent $18 for the whole thing: corn maze, petting zoo, snacks, train ride, pumpkins, hay mountain, mud puddles, photo opps...

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