Saturday, October 8, 2011

Baby Update

Well I saw the doctor twice this week (she likes visiting with me).  She expressed concerns that baby's swelling hasn't gone down any - it hasnt' increased either.  She's also concerned about his size.  Her fear is that his shoulder will get stuck which can have serious and even life threatening results.

She's concerned about my blood pressure which has been increasing.  She did run labs for pre-eclampsia, those came back fine.  My weight has been ridiculous - I've gained a lot in a short amount of time (between Monday and Thursday this last week I actually lost a pound).  My sugars are stable now, but haven't been, etc.

She recognizes my desire to deliver naturally - or as close to it as possible.  She also stated that she strongly urges us to have a C-section.  I asked how soon she would want to do it if we decided to have one, her response, "I would do it tomorrow".  Yep, she's that concerned.

So we made the agonizing decision to make the call on Friday and told them we would do the C-section.  I told the nurse that due to Mr. Crum's work schedule, the earliest we would be able to do would be Wednesday, the later in the week the better (we can't afford for him to miss much work).  They scheduled Azariah's arrival for 8am on Wednesday - just as soon as we would agree to it.

So, family time from today until Tuesday, then baby comes and the boys are (hopefully) going to stay with Auntie Elizabeth for a few days.


  1. Thank you so much, we appreciate all prayers right now!