Saturday, October 1, 2011

Go Green Giveaway Event

Are you interested in living a greener life?
Do you like trying new products?
Do you like to enter giveaways?
Do you need something to do in your spare time from October 5-11?

If your answer is "YES" to any of these questions, I've got a great fun event for you!  Yep, I said an event.  This is the first time that Crum's This N That has chosen to participate in a big giveaway event and I am looking forward to reading posts and entering contests for all sorts of prizes and prize packages that will help "greenify" my home!  Some of these folks have diapers, others have "big kid" prizes.. or products for around the house - I know there are some Tropical Traditions products that will be making an appearance.

Over 50 blogs with prizes.  Some blogs have multiple prize packages - I'm talking big, big prizes.  Every blog has to offer at least $25 in prizes per package!  That's a minimum of $1250 in prizes (but I know personally that there's way more up for grabs than that).  

So check out the linky (as soon as it's available).  Start picking out the products that you want to learn more about and try to win.  And get ready to enter giveaways for your favorite products!  Heck, if you don't want the prize, you can give it to your grandma for Christmas... unless it's a diaper, that'd be kind of weird and maybe a little offensive!

Keep your eyes open for the link to find the prizes!

Shoot, this is better than an Easter Egg Hunt.


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