Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby Update 10/15

For anyone that wonders, until Tiny is home, my blog will largely be filled with updates about his condition.  This is to spare me from writing multiple repeat emails, facebook messages, etc.  The primary focus as we step through these next few days or weeks will be mass communication with friends and family - a simple way to get the SAME message to everyone, and help with potential confusion or unclear messages.

SO here it is... Baby Update 10/15.

Personal note first: I should be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, 10/16.

from the "First Bath" series
Tiny will be here at least until Monday - but it's looking like it will be longer than that...

His Bili-Ruben numbers are high - he's got jaundice.  This is not a surprise - it's common with early babies and with babies of diabetics.  Once that number starts to go down and keeps itself down for at least a day - he'll be off of the bili blanket and light therapy.  He started on the lights yesterday and his numbers went up overnight.

The doctor noted at some point (I cant' remember if this was yesterday or the day before) that he's got a bit of a heart murmur.  Again, this is not uncommon for infants, generally it closes pretty quickly and is not an issue as the baby grows.  They did an ECG and at this point did not find anything unsual.

This morning the doctor noted that Tiny is having some obvious difficulty with breathing - his oxygen numbers seem to drop randomly for a minute or two at a time.  There is no reason that they can find at this point.  They ran tests first thing this morning, then more this afternoon.  Right now Mr. Crum is upstairs with Tiny as I wait for the things I need to do in my own room.  He told me they are running more tests to try and determine the cause of this mysterious trouble.  - it may be related to the heart murmur.

Tiny has been nursing a bit, the jaundice has him tired though and it's hard for him to do the work of nursing, so I'm pumping as much as possible for him to get the best nutrition possible.  Right now he's got oxygen in his nose, monitors on his chest, blue lights above and below him... he'll be getting IV antibiotic, and probably IV nutrition.  It's a set-back as far as feeding goes, but we'll work to get him back on track as we're able.

Tiny's name means "God helps".  We know he does and he's helping our "little" guy right now.  As we walk between the post-partum unit and the NICU, I am reminded again and again how blessed we are.  There are so many babies and families distressed and in need.  I wish I could know all of their stories.  I wish I could offer to spend time sitting with their babies and giving their parents a break.

God Helps.  Our baby will be healed and we will know God's love more fully.


  1. My prayers are with you and your handsome little baby boy, as well as your whole family. Hoping for a speedy recovery so he can come home

  2. Our prayers are with you all. We love and miss you all and pray that you all will be home together soon...happy and healthy. We appreciate the update. God Bless you all!

  3. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers.

  4. It sounds as if he's getting the best care possible. They seem to be more cautious than not, which is so good! Keep a-pumpin'. Did you know that drinking water while pumping can help with let down? Just a tip!
    How are the big brothers holding up?

  5. Big brothers are doing well, just posted an update about that (a link to my sister's blog).

    Thanks for the tip about water while pumping, I'll have to try it out next time.