Sunday, October 9, 2011

Little boy, Big anxiety

My sweet Monkey is a mama's boy.  Right now I think he would admit that, we'll see if it remains true over the next several years.  He's a thinker too.  He's always been one to observe the world around him and right now he's working on observing and absorbing all the information he can about what it means that mommy is going to have a baby on Wednesday.  

Monkey is very anxious about the upcoming changes in his world.  These are reflected by his questions (which come all day long, but especially at night).  I totally understand the need to ask questions at bed time.  That's when my brain is always turning and trying to figure out everything out that is going on in my own world.   

Why Azariah going to be a baby?
Why I big boy?
How bout my big Nana grow up and be man?
Why I go Aunt Elizabeth house?
Why you have belly ache?

The list goes on.  He's trying to figure out what is going on in his world and how it is going to effect him.  He learned tonight that Grandma's dog is gone because he was sick.  He was concerned for Grandma, but also reminded that he is sad because he misses his dog.  He notices that Skoshi and Cocoa are both gone - and we're sending him to his aunt's house for a couple of days.  He's very anxious about going away from home while mommy has baby Azariah.  

We know he'll be okay and he'll learn that even when he feels insecure, there are people caring for him.  He's going to have a great time with his cousins, and with Nana and Poppy.  In the end, he'll come home and get to adjust to life as the BIGGEST brother, not just the big brother.  We'll make sure he gets lots of snuggle time with mommy and special activities (like Lowe's Build and Grow) with Daddy.  

For now, over the next 2 days, we'll keep reassuring him and trying to help him relax even in his anxiety.  Big fears, a lot to deal with for a little guy.  He'll make it through and "normal" will change to something he won't remember as different.

I love my boys.  I love that this big guy is not afraid to ask questions and tell us he's sad or scared or excited...


  1. Why don't you give him a special present before he goes to his aunt's - a picture of you. It might make missing his momma a little easier to handle?

  2. Not a bad idea, I'll have to see what I can drum up during the day today.

  3. awww.. he'll be okay.. but it is hard. poor little man