Saturday, December 24, 2011

3 yr old: On Names

The Crum boys got fantastic new stuffed animals today.  On the trip between our family gathering and church we were asking the boys the names of their new stuffed animals.

Monkey got a dinosaur.  He was a little confused about the question and said, "dinosaur say roar".  
Daddy said, "Yes, but what do you call it if you want it to come to you." 
Monkey replied, "Roar."
(I thought that seemed obvious).
Again, I asked, "Well what is his name?"
"I don't know" answered our darling 3 year old.
"Oh, why don't you ask him?" I responded.

Exasperated, Monkey shook his head and replied, "He don't got mouth!"

Duh, how could he tell us his name if he doesn't have a mouth?

By the way, the dinosaur's name is now Doo Dah.


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