Thursday, December 15, 2011

Free Fun Education Adventure

We love adventure, especially when it is educational... and free.  Mama Crum likes to look for fun educational adventures.  Here is one from a couple weeks ago.

We went downtown for a walk and discovered a manhole.  Discoveries this amazing always lead to a lot of questions and up close exploration.  The boys are very interested in learning what things are and how they work.

 Mr. Crum had fun showing the boys antique fire trucks through the window of the Fire Station Museum.  Now every time we drive by, Monkey yells to me about seeing fire trucks.  We look forward to taking them IN the museum one of these days.

Mr. Crum wanted to explore the Maker Station.  We got a private tour and learned about all the neat machines that the "makers" use to create things.  I wish I had some great shots inside the trailer to share.

The final stop on our adventure was The Grand Wayne Convention Center.  We NEEDED to go there, because.. why not?  Mr. Crum and I had never been inside and wanted to know what it looked like.  The boys loved these giant penguins in the entryway.

Exploring a small portion of downtown is fantastic fun, free family education and adventure!  The best part is that it takes very little planning.

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  1. Looks like so much fun! I just love doing fun things like this that everyone enjoys, yet require little planning.

    Our walks always include dropping pebbles into the sewer grates and manhole covers. Oh, and we also must look in the windows at the fire trucks. We don't have a cool museum, but I think it's the trucks that are the attraction anyway.