Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas program

Getting ready for the church Christmas program
Crackers, note the pink eye - no program for him )=
Monkey is ready!
The choir
Monkey's class


  1. not surprising really, it'll go away soon.

  2. Poor guy had to miss his part all for the enemy: pinkeye... That's one of those things that spread like wildfire, though. Good for you for being conscious of the other kids and parents and keeping him out. I can tell you that there are many who would just have their kid participate anyway, just so they could get a few pictures.

    So... how was the show?! Did the kids all have fun? Any good "Funniest Home Videos" moments?

  3. Monkey got pink eye Thursday, Crackers woke up with a crusty eye on Sunday, today Baby had some goop - he seems okay now though.