Saturday, December 3, 2011

3 year old: On generosity

My Monkey loves money.  He has his own special jar for change.  Recently he has figured out that money has value and we use it to get the things we need.  

Today he found two quarters and decided he was going to save it to get candy out of the gumball machine at church.  He chose to take them with us when we shopped this morning, it feels good to hold money.  He was proud to have it in his hands or pockets.  

About halfway through our shopping, we saw someone ringing Salvation Army bells.  Mama grabbed 2 pennies so the big boys each had something to put in the bucket - we want them to learn generosity, after all.  

As we approached the kind man, I handed my boys their pennies.  Monkey rejected my offer and pulled his own 2 quarters out of his pocket.  He wanted to share his own money.  My 3 year old is teaching us about generosity and sacrifice.  He gave all the money he had.

I love that boy.


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