Friday, December 30, 2011

Free Educational Activity: Fruit Baskets

Okay, in this case "free" costs a little bit.  That's only because we were already buying things to put together fruit baskets for gifts, so we didn't spend money beyond our budget.
This week we had some gift baskets to put together and Monkey needed an activity.  I invited him to join me by counting and sorting fruit and putting it into baskets.  

Skills he worked on? Pride in workmanship, counting, sorting, identifying fruit, helping, work ethic, evaluation...
And he WAS proud!


  1. Tell him "Great job!" from me! He certainly does look proud, and he should be. Just the size of the job must have seemed a little overwhelming, and to be able to stand back and see his work completed... Wow! That last picture says it all!

  2. He did a great job indeed, mama gave him instructions a piece at a time and helped him notice when things weren't quite right. I love these boys (=