Friday, March 23, 2012

The best field trip

A little over a week ago, some of our friends invited us to go on a field trip with them.  The river at their parent's house had been drained a bit for some work upstream and there was a wealth of nature to explore on the uncovered muddy banks.  I think this has probably been our favorite field trip so far this month.  Thanks to the Clifton family for inviting us to stomp in the mud with you!  Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Clifton for letting us use your amazing land, and allowing the boys to play in the yard!

Mr. Crum gives cranky Crackers a little pep talk.  No nap makes it hard to start out on a fun adventure.

Look at all of these mussels!  (we did not keep any, Mr. Crum made sure we knew it was illegal to even take the shells home).  I was bummed - I had a fun project to work on.

Mama Clifton and the boys.

2 sweet boys digging in the mud.

Jo was eager to save the mussels, he was digging them up and racing them (as fast as he could through the mud) to the river.

This is a side stream that developed when the river was drained.  Beautiful late winter scenery.

Baby stayed in his car seat - crazy mama didn't bring a carrier - next adventure he will be worn, carrying a car seat through the woods is ridiculous.

Monkey thought it was great to catch things in his net - mostly he caught a lot of mud.

Crackers and his friend threw a lot of mud into the river.  What a great game for them.

Just before we left, Mr. Crum found this guy nicely hiding in the mud.  We enjoyed checking him out!


  1. Why is it illegal to take the mussels home?

  2. They're protected, at least in Indiana. I think because they've started disappearing.