Monday, March 26, 2012

The rest of the story

I just realized that I didn't finish the story about Monkey's concern for the man that needed food.

As we pulled away from the library, Monkey became increasingly agitated.  He insisted that we needed to go to the bank so we could get money to help that man so he could buy food.  Mr. Crum informed me that he did have a bit of cash in his wallet.  We decided that we would help Monkey show compassion today.  We circled the block, pulled up in front of the library.  Unbuckled Monkey and handed him the cash. 

Monkey walked around the van, directly to the man that was hungry and handed him the money, stating, "Jesus loves you".  The man grabbed his hand and shook it and thanked him, and hugged him, and shook his hand and thanked him, then he thanked him some more.

Monkey was a blessing to that man today because he showed compassion.  He made that man's day by giving.  My boy learned today that he can bless others.    


  1. WOW! Children can be so altruistic and compassionate. It's too bad that today's world tries so hard to stomp that out of them!!
    What wonderful little men you have raised!

  2. Thanks Joni, I just hope that we can continue to nourish that as he grows.