Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcome Spring Preschool Projects (and Perky Pets bird feeder review)

Okay, I know it isn't officially spring yet.
It was almost 70 here yesterday - it was incredible outside.
We are ready for it to decide it's time to stay.

This morning we had some unexpected "spare" time, so we set off to welcoming spring by preparing for our bird friends to return from their vacation in the south!

Thank you for the help Perky Pets Bird Feeders!

Here are the supplies for project #1.  Perky Pets Squirrel-Be-Gone II, birdseed, yarn, scissors, pine cones, and shortening.  Read below for my review of this amazing bird feeder! 

We started with butter knives - the boys think butter knives are incredibly cool and want to use them as often as I'll allow.  This seemed like a good project for practicing spreading with a knife.  

Mama tied yarn around each pine cone and let the boys lather them in palm shortening.  Mama helped - the benefits of shortening over the traditional peanut butter?  We don't have problems with palm allergies - also, when your hands get messy with palm shortening, you can rub them on the rough areas of your body and use them as a natural softener.

6 pine cones, all gooped up and ready for seed.

We dipped the pine cones into the seeds, the boys covered them by hand.

This gem is ready to hang for the birds!

Finally the big event: Filling our newest bird feeder.  

Here's the thing about this feeder.  When I picked it out, I thought it would make a nice gift for someone.  I was excited about sharing how it had blessed someone and the fun my boys had wrapping it and giving it away.  But when I opened it, well.. I fell in love with it.  Mr. Crum agreed with me that it is really cool, we love the way it looks.  It's so sturdy, the weather vane locks into place.  It has room for a ton of seed  so we won't have to fill it every day.   We kept it.  I still feel kind of guilty that we didn't give it away.  Maybe next time.

Seed Feeders, Perky-Pet®  Squirrel-Be-Gone™ II Country Style Wild Bird Feeder, 338


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