Thursday, March 1, 2012

Busy Bag Activity #4 (and a giveaway)

Maybe it's just my kids that love to play with drinking fountains - but I doubt it.

Every time we're at church, my boys want to get a drink from the drinking fountain.  That's an especially WET game for Crackers, who can't quite reach the stream of water with his face.
Also, most days we're at church, mommy drinks a cup of coffee.  The boys want to be like mommy & daddy, so naturally they want a drink too.  This causes much whining and frustration on everyone's part.  

I chose to put sippy cups in their busy bags.  We don't use sippy cups at home, so this feels like a special treat to them.  

We got the Tommee Tippee Li'l Sippee Flip Top Straw set for the boys to try out at the office.  Do you see my Monkey's proud expression.  Not only does he love having water with him during meetings and appointments, he has discovered that the straw can hold things - here he has invented a pencil & pipe cleaner holder.  

The flip top straw cups are made with kids in mind.  They're virtually spill proof.  I tested them because Crackers likes to turn sippy cups upside down and shake them.  I got a few drops of water out, but nothing that I felt like I needed a towel for.  (The cups we used to have for him at the church were not so spill proof).  

They hold 13 ounces each.  That seems like a lot of water to me.  Typically a full bottle of water will last my kids for several hours.  That means less interruptions during my meeting.  

The straw cover flips up and down easily for Monkey.  Crackers cannot put it up on his own.  He gets a little frustrated about that, but mama is kind of glad because it means he's not dumping water in the back seat of our van.

These cups are dishwasher and microwave safe.  I'm not sure why you would put a toddler's cup in the microwave, but you can if you want to!

explora® Li'l sippee flip top straw Green & Blue

Tommee Tippee is proud to present their new free digital storybook, "The Day The Baby Was Born".   It is a baby book designed to help you track your baby's growth and development!  You input the information and pictures you want, Tommee Tippee will build a storybook for you on your Facebook page (you set the privacy however you prefer).
Want to see an example of what it looks like?  Check it out.

To celebrate the release of this excellent storybook, Tommee Tippee is offering one of my readers a set of flip top cups!

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