Monday, March 12, 2012

Wanted: Cowboy Boots

Before Christmas I bought cowboy boots for Monkey and Crackers.  I found them at the local thrift store and was SUPER excited about giving them to my guys for the holiday because I knew they would really love them.

Somehow, before Christmas, they disappeared.  I have not been able to find them and I have been searching now for about 3 months.  They're gone.  I think somehow they ended up in a bag of clothes that I was sending to the thrift store for donation.  I am bummed.  The boys don't have a clue.

Last week I started searching for new cowboy boots and I'm having a difficult time finding any.  SO - I'm asking you, if you have toddler sized cowboy boots between sizes 8 and 12 that you want to get rid of, could you please take a picture and email it to me along with a price (including shipping) so I can find some new boots for my big guys?



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