Monday, March 12, 2012

Re-Play Dishes: Review & Giveaway

You know that healthy eating is an important part of life at the Crum house.  We eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, very little dairy and even less meat.  Portion sizes are always on my mind as I serve my boys.  

I have also been on the look out for just the right dishes to use with the boys.  That sounds kind of silly, but with warnings about BPA and other chemical concerns - plastics tend to be out of the question.  With young boys, ceramic is out of the question (we lost 1 plate almost immediately after trying to switch to ceramic - and that wasn't even their fault).  What are we to do?
I recently learned about Re-play dishes.  They're BPA free and made of recycled milk jugs!  Bonus: they're recycled and recyclable!  They are super sturdy and dishwasher safe.  They feel like old style Tupperware to me.  I love the colors available and I love the prices even more!  The 3 pack of plates is perfect for our family - 1 color for each boy.  Baby doesn't need one yet, but it won't be long!

The boys always know which plate is theirs.  That is helpful when they have a babysitter and I make meals ahead of time.  Crackers has food allergies, so often their plates are slightly different.  

Did I mention the sippy cups?  We have 2 - yellow and blue.  Each of the big boys has one that he uses when we're in the car - they are virtually leak proof.  We did have a bit of difficulty one day when daddy got the stopper in the wrong way - poor Monkey couldn't get a drink!  I tried one out (yep, I really did) and found it a little difficult to suck the water out.  It might just be that my mouth is not used to that kind of work - the boys don't seem to have any trouble using them.

My completely honest opinion: I am in love with Re-play dishes.  They are absolutely, hands down, my favorite dishes for children and if they made them in a bigger size for adults, I would buy them for Mr. Crum and myself.  My only wish is that there were lids I could easily snap over the bowls and plates for transporting foods when we have picnics or babysitters.

BUY IT:  You'll thank yourself.  Re-play may be available at local retailers.  Make sure to check the map to see where you can buy these great dishes close to home!  If you can't buy them nearby, you CAN buy them online!

Good news for you:  You have the opportunity to win a plate and utensils!  Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

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