Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 year old: On Dating

The thinker
I recognize that children are born learning.  This guy has been taking it all in since the day he was born.  Seriously he had the most intense stare as he checked out his new surroundings.  He processes everything he hears.   He asks about 100 questions an hour sometimes.  He doesn't just ask "why" to be annoying - he's learning.  I know, because he'll repeat things back to us days, and weeks later.

The last couple of nights he has had a hard time going to bed.  His complaint? "I want to go on date with mommy".  Sweet, no?  Mr. Crum and I decided that I would take him to Kroger on a "date" today and get some groceries for the weekend.  At nap time today I asked if he wanted to do that.

My Monkey thought a moment and said, "No.  Kroger not fun.  Date is fun."  

There you have it.  Dates are supposed to be fun.  He didn't tell me where he wants to go, but I'm pretty sure it won't be grocery shopping.  I do know that the best "date" he has been on recently was with Miss Traci, who took him to McDonalds and apparently they watched a movie at her house and went to an office.  (He's still talking about it nearly a month later).

Where do you take your children when you go on dates with them?


  1. One year, I gave my kid brother a "date" for a Christmas gift. He's really big on quality time, so it was perfect. I took him to an indoor aquatic center and we had fun swimming! Then, we went to a big Christmas light display in town. On the way home, we got milkshakes. That was years ago, but I still remember it fondly! :-)

    I love how Monkey is totally not impressed with going to Kroger for a date. He's a sharp one!

  2. that sounds like a VERY fun date! Funny thing is, the kid LOVES to go to Kroger.. well, he just loves to go to the store.. or anywhere.