Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Earth Mama Angel Baby: Review & Giveaway

C-Mama Healing Salve
After we brought Baby home, I still had (still have) plenty of healing to do!  My belly had stretched out to an unbelievable enormous size.  My stomach is covered with nasty stretch marks (I'm sure everyone wanted to know that about me).  Because of this little guy's size and other potential problems, the doctor was very certain that a C-section was our best birth option.  So I have stretch marks and a nice scar.  

What did I look for to help with these things?  Organic products that would smooth scars and help clear up stretch marks.  I've also noticed that my skin is just as itchy on my belly as it was when I was pregnant.  Earth Mama Angel Baby offers their customers a C-Mama Healing Salve.  I have been using the salve on my belly for 2 weeks now and can see a difference in my stretch marks.  As of yet, I cannot use it on my scar, but am confident that it will help with clearing that part of my skin as much as it has helped with the stretch marks.  

I love the smell of the C-Mama Healing Salve.  I also love the way it soothes my stomach when it's itchy.  It has become part of my daily hygiene routine!  I recommend trying C-Mama Healing Salve for soothing your wound and belly after a C-section!

Monthly Comfort Tea
I also had the opportunity to try Earth Mama Angel Baby's Monthly Comfort Tea.  I was a little confused by this and thought it was an odd choice for a post-postpartum mama.  However - as I began reading about it, I learned that it not only helps soothe the "monthly" aches, but is also "created to jumpstart recovery immediately after childbirth."  

I don't know how you feel about tea.  We go through spurts when we drink a lot of it.  I am pretty picky about the teas that I will drink - if it does not smell appealing, or if it is too fruity - I just can't drink it.  Monthly Comfort Tea smells amazing to me.  It's infused with cinnamon as well as other herbs.  Each day, as I drink a cup of hot Monthly Comfort Tea, I feel my body relaxing.  In fact, if I did not have 2 "big" boys running around, I believe I would make it part of my daily routine to put my feet up, light a candle, open a good book, and sip Monthly Comfort Tea each morning.  

For $5.97 you can try it yourself.  Find the nearest retailer by checking the Earth Mama Angel Baby website or purchase it online.

Earth Mama Angel Baby would like to give one of my readers a box of Monthly Comfort Tea to try for themselves!  I don't care if you are post-postpartum, post-menopausal, or a man - I recommend you try this tea for feminine health, for its wonderful flavor, and for a good warm cup of relaxation!  Fill out the Rafflecopter form below to enter.

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  1. I would love to try this tea! Thanks for the giveaway!