Sunday, November 13, 2011

Overcoming the Nevers: Part 1

Do you remember a week or two ago I wrote about my ungodly belief that I cannot escape my diabetes.  Shortly after I shared that, I learned about the book Overcoming the Nevers by Teri Johnson.  This books walks hand in hand with the class we're taking - it takes a little different angle at addressing those things that we convince ourselves are truths in our lives, and allow them to become hurtful to us.  What fantastic timing!

As I work through this book, I plan to do some writing about my thoughts and struggles.  I have a few key questions to help me while sharing my thoughts and accomplishments.

Question #1

 In Overcoming The Nevers, Teri Johnson challenges us to move past the Negative Nevers in our lives. These are the things we never thought we’d experience. You know...”I never thought I’d need to lose 100 pounds” or “I never imagined I’d have to file bankruptcy.” What types of Negative Nevers are you facing? Are you ready to overcome them?

The "Negative Never" that I am choosing as my focus for this series is "I never thought my blood sugars would be this out of control."  Or as I wrote about it the other day:  It does not matter what I eat or how active I am.  I am diabetic because it is genetic.  There is nothing I can do to have "regular" blood sugars.  

Am I ready to overcome this?  When I'm honest with myself, I recognize that question is really difficult to answer.  Do I think I want to overcome this?  Yes.  Do I want to overcome it enough to make real positive changes in my life that will make it possible to overcome?  I think so.  That's an awful answer, so terribly non-committal.  

Yes.  I want to do it.  We have started to change our family diet to help with my needs, and to work on keeping the rest of our family healthy.  In our estimation - if we teach our boys to eat right now, when they're grown, they are less likely to face the "family curse" of diabetes.  If I practice healthy living now, I will be able to overcome it.  

Now, I can't do this on my own.  I am not that strong.  I have terrible self-discipline.  I've got help from my husband, my sister, a Facebook support group, and some friends.  I've got all the help I want and need from my Savior as well.  So, how do I use this help?  That's what I really need to figure out.  I'm working on it.  Changes are happening - slowly.

The biggest/hardest change that I need to make is my activity level.  I've got to get help to get moving.  I need to be exercising more and regularly.  My kids need me to do it too.  We'll get there.... I want.. no, I NEED to overcome this never.


  1. Interesting book and post, Jen. I have to say that I don't fight the whole blood sugar thing, but I am fighting the whole depression, and thyroid/weight problem issue. I want to lose the weight... but the terrible part is that my self control is just horrible when it comes to it. I need to exercise more as well.

  2. Deb, we should talk - maybe we could support each other in some of that.

  3. I think the two of you should start exercising together...even taking walks together a couple times a week. I have a friend with whom I've been exercising a couple times a week. At least one of the two days, one of us calls the other to be sure we're both still going. I really think it's our way of checking to see if we really HAVE to go...because if the other's not... Anyway, that's been a huge help to me for exercising. Now I just need someone to kick me in the pants 3 or 4 other days a week...

    You can do it though, Jen. I'm sure of it! If I can, you can. Your eating habits were better than mine to begin with (other than your crazy McDonald's habit, which I personally think is gross just because I don't like McD's), so you've got a head start. Just get your booty moving! :) Maybe you could even find an exercise class that offers childcare? That's what I've done. It's GREAT!

  4. I could find an exercise class that offers childcare, the problem is that I won't leave Baby yet. I am thinking I need to figure out some consistent accountability...