Thursday, November 10, 2011

Weird Wednesday

Mama went a little crazy with sensory activities on Wednesday.
The boys needed baths... too many potty accidents, too much dirt and grime.. they looked and smelled like boys!

First we made finger paint.  That was fun and exciting.  We mixed red and yellow - you know what color it made?  That's right, orange!  (We also made blue and green paints).  The boys were excited about watching the paint as it heated and turned colors.  Mama mixed a little sugar into the paint too.  That made it just a bit sweet and tasty (Crackers figured that out).

Once the paint was done and cooled a little, we went into the bathroom and the boys stripped.  (Crackers used the big potty!)

The results

Focus - this boy was seriously concentrating on his painting!

Monkey was pretty excited to discover he could paint with his fingers.

Crackers was silent the whole time they "painted".. probably because he was eating the paint.

The only paint this boy actually got on himself was on his face.. 

Proudly displaying his mama-approved body art.

The masterpiece.

After painting time, we continued sensory play by washing the walls... and then a bubble bath.
For dinner we had black beans and rice - a very sensory experience for Crackers!


  1. OK, you are the coolest mom! Looks like so much fun for them. (And homemade finger paints do taste yummy! LOL)

  2. I found the fingerpaints in the tub idea on pintrest.. looked fun!