Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The "Pretty Girls"

You may not be aware that I value good manners.  I also value respectful behavior.
It is my intention that my boys will, from an early age, be gentlemen.

Therefore, when I talk with Monkey and Crackers about girls, we refer to them as "pretty girls".  I want my boys to know how to respect young ladies.  All girls are pretty - regardless of age, race, hair type, warts... my boys are very good about remembering that girls are pretty.

That said, there are some special pretty girls that Monkey always loves to see.  These are the teenage girls at our church.  He loves it that they play with him.  I love that too.  They help us out in so many ways.  Some of them help us by watching children during our mom group, others during evening classes, small groups, or when we're in the office doing work.  These girls bless me several times a week.  I am thankful today for the "pretty girls" in our church.  (Monkey's pretty sure he's going to marry one of the Rockett girls).

I used to be one of those girls.  I watched infants, toddlers, school aged children - anyone that needed care.  I loved the responsibility, I loved the kids, it was a fun job for me and I felt like.. no, I knew.. I was helping some adults that I respected.  What I did not understand at the time was the way it blessed the families that I cared for.  I am so glad that I was able to be a blessing to those families so many years ago.  (Tyler just turned 22 - I watched him when he was an infant - I feel old).

So - thank you, "pretty girls" for blessing our family, I hope my boys are a blessing to you; and thank you families for allowing me to bless you (oh - and blessing me by doing so).


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