Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Things are a little different around here today.  Can you find my little tiny change?  

I'll give you a hint - it has something to do with them.

And also with them:

That's right.  It's about my boys and Mr. Crum.

So, what is it?  Crum's This N That has been.. well, a lot of "this and that".  Just whatever comes to mind and blurts out onto my laptop for quite a while.  After a bit of thought about the coming year in the world of blogging, I've decided to choose a focus.

Okay, so this is not entirely different from what I've been doing.  I am still sharing about family life at the Crum house.  It will just be a little more narrow - focused on what it is to be a mother of 3 young men, how we strive to raise gentlemen, our struggles with boys, and some of the craziness of a house full of testosterone.

I'll be working over the next several months to change my blog name as well.  We're moving away from "This N That" and into, "Life with BOYS".  So for now, I've changed the look at the top of my page - just a TINY bit.  It still says "Crum's This N That" - for now.  I'll be working on changing my button as well.  Some day in the not too distant future, I'll also be getting a domain name.  Yep!  No more @blogspot for me.  Soon - we're not there yet.

Thank you for being a reader.  We will continue to host product reviews and giveaways as they relate to our family life, boys, living green with children, and so forth.

Stay tuned!

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  1. I'm looking forward to the changes! You've got such a great understanding of your guys and I learn from your insights every time you post about your family.

    (By the way - I'm always amazed that you remember to grab the camera before cleaning up or pulling a kid off of the ceiling.)