Friday, November 25, 2011

Showing Thanks for Crystal #CrystalRollOn

Why does Crystal Deodorant make me thankful for this lady?
Nana Billey holding Baby Crum
By now you know that I am a fan of natural products.  I try and incorporate them into our home as much as possible.  I want to avoid unnecessary chemicals in my body and my children's.  I am working to teach them ways to live more naturally than the way I grew up.  One area that I struggle with is hygiene products.  I know, I know - that should be a top priority because they go on and in my body!  I'm working on it.  Recently I was invited to try out Crystal Roll-On Deodorant.  Crystal is natural deodorant made from chemical free mineral salts!

Okay, so about my mom.  When I was in school we lived near an amazingly huge outdoor flea market.  One summer, she found some deodorant crystals.  They were rocks that you wet and rub on your pits.  She told us about how great they were supposed to be - they are natural and last a long time, and best of all they save money.  We thought they seemed kind of cool and decided to use them.  I used my deodorant crystal for a while and then discovered that none of my friends used anything like it, so I gave up.

I am thankful for this experience with deodorant crystals because it was a step in the right direction.  She was helping us learn to use natural products for hygiene - even if it wasn't her intention.  My mom got me interested in using natural products.  My experience so many years ago made it a lot easier to switch to crystal deodorant as an adult.

Important note: many people use antiperspirant, which is made to cover odors and keep the body from sweating.   Many deodorants are designed to mask body odor by adding another scent.  Crystal deodorants work by forming a barrier that blocks odor causing bacteria.  Deodorants do NOT prevent sweating.

I have used Crystal Roll On Deodorant for the last week and truly love it.  I am not used to the roll on style deodorant.  In the past I've used sticks.  I've also used a lot of antiperspirant.  I feel secure with Crystal.  I'm still getting used to the difference in sweat levels from my former antiperspirant.  I am positive that I will continue to use Crystal Body Deodorants after I have finished this bottle of it.  Honestly, I was surprised by the price, it is only about $4 per bottle!  (I was even more surprised to find it at Walmart).

If you are interested in natural solutions to body odor problems, I strongly urge you to try Crystal Deodorants.  It's absolutely worth the $4 investment in your long term health and short term body stink.

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  1. I always thought natural products were so pricey, but what I found at my Walmart, both in selection and price, pleasantly surprised me! I completely know what you mean about the roll on factor and was surprised by that, as well. Great review!

  2. choose the best and safest product for your body. Before you buy any deodorant or product that goes on your skin, always read the ingredients.